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AYR Motor Express Trucking Company

Full Truckload Carrier, Shipping Freight Direct

Trucking Company Quick Tour: Trucking Company-AYR Motor Express provides a comprehensive Trucking Company Profile, as well as a full description of the AYR Trucking Equipment, used by AYR Motor Express in operating truckload freight shipping from three strategic, geographical AYR Motor Company Locations. The company offers a wide range of truckload Freight Shipping Services, which are described in detail to assist you in making the decision to order your next freight load service from AYR Motor Express.

AYR offers competitive rates across North America with specialized services in how your truckload freight can be optimized for volume loads and cost savings within their thin-wall freight cargo vans, and enclosed trailers for cost efficient freight shipping practices. Their use of extra wide trailer width improves volume efficiency and helps to reduce potential for cargo damage when loading and unloading freight.

AYR Motor Company Profile: AYR Motor Express is a truckload direct, freight shipping company operating a fleet of modern trucks and trailers throughout Canada and the States of United States of America.

AYR Motor Trucking Equipment: The privately owned, trucking company employs more than 400 staff members, supporting over 150 company owned tractors, over 50 owner operators and more than 600 trailers, as well as coordinating the shipping freight services of private, owner/operator AYR associates.

To learn about AYR Motor's operations as a trucking company, browse the following categories to conveniently help you find the information that you may wish to know about AYR Motor Express. Use any of the following links to learn more about AYR Motor Express, which will display new full pages of information for your convenience. ( More- AYR trucking company profile )

Trucking Company Profile Capture AYR Motor Customer Commitment

Trucking Company Profile includes AYR Motor Express's Trucking Company Mission statement defining the company's commitment to service, performance and immediacy.

Trucking Company Vision defines AYR Motor's long term growth plan to expand both the company's level of service and customer base in step with a commitment to adopt the latest technology to keep the company in the forefront of the industry.

As a Trucking Company's Guiding Principles reveals, AYR Motor is committed to service excellence. Service excellence is a continuing commitment to achieving the highest level of standards in the freight shipping industry on behalf of their customers.

In just a decade and a half, AYR Motor Trucking History records that the enthusiastic team at AYR Motor Express has steadily built a truckload freight shipping business by providing dry-van and heated truckload services to all areas of North America.

AYR Trucking Equipment Showcases Modern Communications, Coordination

AYR Trucking Equipment is literally where the rubber meets the road.

The purpose of every investment by AYR Motor is to build a company advantage into the task of getting the next load to the next customer in not only the shortest possible time, but in a manner and method that is profitable to the customer and the company. Browse through AYR's Trucking Equipment Showcase to see for yourself the line up of tractors and specially purchased trailers that have been assembled into a modern fleet of freight shippers and haulers.

Trucking freight requires that every piece of equipment be conditioned and serviced for optimal service in order that the driver has the right tool at the right time to meet his schedule and your expectations as a customer. Trucking Equipment Maintenance illustrates the old adage that trucking company equipment is only as good as its last service experience and for this reason, AYR Motor maintains dedicated company service centres to keep "those big wheels rollin" along towards you...the customer.

Trucking Company Technology for today's modern trucking company such as AYR Motor is meant to provide one core essential answer to a question as old as the trucking industry. Do you know where your truck the moment in time that a customer wants to know where their load is and when it might be in their yard?

AYR Motor Serves North America From Multiple Freight Terminal-Yard Locations

AYR Motor Locations illustrates the reach of AYR Motor Express in serving truckload freight customers across all Canadian Provinces and to most States in the United States from their shipping freight terminals and drop yards.

AYR Shipping Freight Terminals are located in three regional centres across Canada, close to the principal US border freight shipping points allowing AYR Motor Express to service clients effectively.

AYR Shipping Freight Drop Yards allow AYR Motor to coordinate loads and speed truckload consignments to customers in US States and deliver freight loads to anywhere in Canada from points in Canada and the United States.

AYR Shipping Freight Maps provides a handy reference to locating AYR freight terminals and yards in all locations for enhanced customer contact and service delivery.

AYR Motor Freight Shipping Services — Like Owning Your Own Trucking Company

AYR Motor's Freight Shipping Services are designed to provide you with the same kind of responsive and dedicated service that owning your own freight trucking fleet would offer, but without the headaches and resource drain.

AYR Truckload Freight is a freight shipping service provided by a fleet of dry van trailers offering full truckload service st competitive rates and with the assurance of a fast, on-time delivery.

AYR Truckload Team Services is our fastest truckload freight transport service. Drivers, alternate with one another for continuous highway driving coverage for customers who require time sensitive and distance delivers.

Efficiency and timely delivery is the name of the game strategy for AYR Freight Cross Dock services, providing an advantage to our customers for handling and delivery of freight loads through just-in-time systems.

Enhanced customer service is the goal of AYR Freight Brokerage services, which may utilize a third party supplier in partnership with AYR's customer to insure that customer's freight shipments are picked up and delivered on time.

AYR Motor Driver Training is an AYR Motor customer service designed to insure that well trained drivers, schooled by AYR Motor trainers in the importance of delivery of customer freight shipments in a timely manner and with zero damage.

AYR Motor Express is a trucking company offering many reasons why we believe our truck load shipping service is the right fit for your next freight shipment. We sum up all our efforts in one phrase, which we display on every company trailer van moving freight in our transport truck network: "The Best Is The Least We Can Do."

The Top Ten Reasons to Choose AYR Motor as your truck load freight services carrier is a quick recap of why we think shipping freight with AYR Motor is your best choice.

Canada-US Headquarters: Home of Truckload Direct Services
AYR Motor Express Inc. 46 Poplar Street, Woodstock, New Brunswick, Canada  E7M 4G2  |  1 800 668 0099

Atlantic Wholesalers Ltd

AYR Motor is a very valued customer of ours, who we can rely on in any situation. Their service, rates, billing processes and customer service are excellent, and we would highly recommend them to anyone in the industry.

Kevin Sears
Sr. Supervisor Inbound Freight and Logistics,
Atlantic Wholesalers