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Whether it is the extra inches in width allowing more volume to be hauled in each load, or it is the smooth hard plastic wall interior that does not puncture or create snag points potentially damaging the cargo's packaging integrity; smooth, thin wall interiors deliver savings per truckload hauled.

AYR Motor Express Trucking Equipment

Fleet Maintenance, Communications Technology Supports "Our Best Effort" Company Values

The Top Ten Reasons to Choose AYR Motor as your truck load freight services carrier is a quick recap of why we think shipping freight with AYR Motor is your best choice.

Trucking equipment purchases and maintenance program schedules made by AYR Motor management are based on getting the job of load delivery completed for every AYR customer to their satisfaction.

Smart choices in equipment selection and rigorous company controlled service bays and schedules make the difference on the road for drivers as well as customers.

The strategic use of thin wall vans is customer driven, because the extra few inches of useable width on frequent freight loads can add up to thousands of dollars of savings for many AYR Motor customers. Particularly, in specific manufacturing industries where product dimensions on pallets can take full advantage of the extra inches of width on every load hauled.

"There's another reason we use thin-wall vans beyond the efficiency of increased volume hauls", says Joe Keenan, CEO of AYR Motor Express. "The customer's loads are better protected by the smooth walls of the thin wall vans with their especially smooth surfaces that last with the van's active delivery life. This always smooth interior prevents snags and tears in packaging, reducing freight damage claims and enhancing customer satisfaction."

“These smooth sided trailers have a payback for us when we haul them, they definitely have a direct benefit for the customer in terms of volume efficiency of how much load weight, and pallet size can be accommodated in one haul. This can amount to thousands of dollars in the run of a year from for some customers.”

Trucking Equipment Showcase Details AYR's Freight Carrier Fleet

AYR Motor maintains modern tractor and trailer service bays employing a dedicated team of mechanics and repair professionals who keep the professional drivers of AYR Motor Express safely on the road moving freight somewhere in North America every day of the year.

AYR Motor Express is owned and operated by Joe Keenan, a recognized veteran trucking industry fleet operator in the freight trucking industry. Joe Keenan began operations in 1990, and at present has expanded to a trucking fleet of over 200 company owned tractors, over 50 owner operators and over 600 trailers, employing over 430 people across the country.

The AYR Motor Express tractor fleets is comprised of both International ProStar and Freightliner Cascadia tractors that are conventional heavy, long distance haulers.

There is more to choosing truck tractors than meets the eye.

AYR maintains a core of common brand and model tractor and van types, all with similar specifications for ease in parts supply and inventory. If something goes wrong far from their own shops, the network of over a thousand brand name trucking and trailer dealers in North America are just a phone call away.

One of the ways that AYR invests in lower annual operating costs while maintaining a competitive and consistent presence on the road is be keeping the core company trucking equipment fleet modern and update. Because of this business model decision, 85% of AYR’s tractor fleet is under 3 years old.

We make business decisions that offer a payback to the customer and ultimately to us by keeping our drivers operating in modern, well serviced trucking equipment.

While it is true that not everyone actually dreams of becoming a truck driver, the distinctive look of the International ProStar and the Freightliner Cascadia with their with extended hood and strategically placed front axles are for those who do dream of running the big rigs down the continent's highways.

AYR Motor carefully selects the engine and transmission combinations that place 435 horsepower at the command of the driver. Horsepower combined with transmission and gear ratios that allow them to match their overall speed efficiency with the highway terrain and elevations that AYR Motor’s drivers operate while delivering truckload freight, throughout Canada and the US.

If you were living in your vehicle, the way most AYR drivers are, you would appreciate as well, the large roomy interiors and commanding seat location offered by the AYR Motor tractors. Today's trucks are climate controlled and offer a sleeper addition to the cab where AYR Motor drivers can relax securely and comfortably between driving shifts.

This is particularly useful when AYR places a driver team together for customers that require a time sensitive delivery allowing one driver to recuperate while the other drives. The result is quicker time for delivery between pick up and off-loading of the freight shipment.

While the trucks look impressive in size, the purchase of them is one of the most strategic business decisions made by AYR's management. AYR management values the easy serviceability offered by their tractor manufacturer's design, as well as the cab comfort and easy livability for drivers that is part of AYR’s modern fleet.

Why is trucking company specifications and equipment choices important to you as a customer?

Because, keeping the fleet current with modern efficiencies as well as mechanical serviceability and driver livability, is a critical part of the trucking business formula that works for your freight shipping needs, when you put AYR to work for you.

Behind every trucking tractor is the trailer van that carries the cargo. How well the van trailer carries the freight load for security and ease of loading and off-loading can make the difference between a perfect load delivery and disappointment from freight damage.

To manage the risk of freight load damage, AYR starts with how it purchases their trucking trailer vans.

AYR Motor starts with the careful selection of dry cargo vans from leading manufacturers, such as Great Dane. AYR Management selects thin wall vans because the offer a payback on every load for every customer.

Whether it is the extra inches in width allowing more volume to be hauled in each load, or it is the smooth hard plastic wall interior that does not puncture or create snag points potentially damaging the cargo's packaging integrity; smooth, thin wall interiors deliver savings per truckload hauled.

For these reasons over the past several years, AYR Motor has made significant investments in thin wall trailers. These trailers are cost effective, reduce damage to product, and add additional space inside the walls of the trailer and 60% of the dry van fleet is a thin wall trailer.

In addition, all AYR trailers are air ride equipped and AYR offers a fleet of heated trailers, to service the needs of customers shipping climate controlled freight during seasonal times of the year.

Trucking Equipment Maintenance is Key to On-Time Freight Delivery

Trucking equipment maintenance is a critical component focus of AYR Motor in delivering freight loads to customers. If it ain't broke, then maintenance is the best fix.

Trucking in all weather conditions, while operating over road surfaces that deliver a pounding on every component of the tractor and trailer, is the nature of daily trucking of freight in North America.

Our trucking equipment maintenance program ensures that our equipment is safe, that breakdowns remain minimal and is utilized at its greatest capacity.

The only way to keep ahead of equipment failure and driver delay in getting a load delivered on time is to practice preventive maintenance. " We think that our trucking equipment maintenance program at AYR is one of the nation's best at maintaining trucking equipment for daily performance," says Joe Keenan, CEO of AYR Motor Express.

"We utilize a state of the art tractor and van maintenance facility, located at our head office in [Woodstock-NB, New Brunswick]. The facility is equipped with 19 service bays, paint shop, computerized parts and inventory system, and professionally licensed mechanics."

AYR's trucking equipment maintenance program is one part of a company wide focus on customer service and is integrated into the scheduling of every AYR tractor and trailer van on the roadways today.

Long term success in trucking is about planning for success and then working the plan to manage the risk of equipment failure and fatigue, explains Keenan commenting on AYR Motor's focus on their trucking equipment maintenance program.

Trucking Company Technology Keeps Customers In Their Driver's Seat.

AYR Motor Express realizes that a major key to success in the freight transportation industry is the technology of communication between drivers, the company dispatch and the customer.

As a result, the return on investment in modern trucking company technology is increased efficiency and enhanced customer service. Efficiency is achieved in tracking the progress of trucking freight loads. The customer's experience is enhanced by offering the security of knowing that AYR management knows where their customer's load is at during the time it is being shipped in an AYR managed freight tractor and trailer.

"We recognize that customers want this reassurance of knowing where their load is at all times, and this is why we use some of the industry's most enhanced trucking company technology. I say trucking company technology because we use the specialized applications that link our trucks, our dispatch desk, our maintenance people and our internal computer networks. We are constantly upgrading and adding more communications capacity as we grow," says CEO Keenan.

"Our entire fleet of tractors is equipped with satellite tracking devices through the use of People Net Communications satellite system. This allows us to track our equipment, and ensure that customers' loads are where they need to be. If changes need to be made to point of origin, final destination, or delivery times, we can notify drivers in real-time," says Keenan.

AYR Motor operates under Maddocks Windows Truck Mate Software System. Maddocks is trucking fleet management systems, which allows us too efficiently and effectively, manage and control operations, and enhances customer service. Customers can log through the web to their customer account to track shipments, and request pickups, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Trucking Equipment Technology Enhances Customer Satisfaction

There are three parts to successfully using trucking company equipment and technology to build a truckload freight shipping company explains Keenan.

1The specifications used in selecting the manufacturer of the tractors and trailers as well as the matching of engine and transmission mechanical capability to the loads and terrain that AYR is going to encounter in meeting customer expectations.

There is a reason that all of AYR tractors and vans appear to be similar in appearance and condition. The benefit is in reduced inventory of spare parts so that when some mechanical part breaks, the downtime for the customer's load can be minimized by AYR's trucking equipment service and repair centres.

The direct benefit to an AYR customer in trucking company selection is that we can offer competitive rates and consistent superior service because of the care we take in specifying the trucking equipment we purchase.

2The establishment of a pro-active maintenance schedule for all the AYR Motor trucking equipment that carries customer's freight loads. This results in equipment that is in the best condition possible for the unit's in-service trucking history. This is also the reason why AYR Motor has a three-year optimum in-service trucking equipment policy as an operating goal for their trucking company business.

The benefit to an AYR customer from our focus on trucking equipment servicing is that we can offer reliability and flexibility in timing and trucking equipment as well as consistent shipping service, because of the rigorous scheduling of trucking equipment maintenance.

3The business case for investing in modern trucking technology is the return on customer satisfaction. Most business managers are familiar with return on investment (ROI), explains Keenan, but in AYR's case, "the return on customer satisfaction (ROCS) is the reason for the investment."

"AYR has built a solid base of repeat customer based on our consistent service and flexibility to get done, what they need to get done with their load and on their shipping schedule requirements. Modern trucking technology allows us to be responsive to our customers unique freight shipping needs"

The benefit to an AYR Motor customer from AYR's use of modern trucking technology is the capability to increasingly act and respond to customer needs in real time.

Modern manufacturers and distributors are responding to their consumer’s demand for real time retail information. As a result, of this real time inventory demand, today's trucking company customer requires that their freight shipping company be able to react in real time for freight shipping responses as well.

CEO Keenan explains that AYR Motor recognizes this North American business phenomenon of product distribution increasing responding to real time inventory information. He says that as a trucking company, using the latest truckload communications technology, AYR is building out its internal communications technology to respond to tomorrow's customer freight tracking and load information requirements.

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To sum up the corporate profile — AYR Motor Express: Driving to succeed for customers that why we say "The Best is the Least We Can Do."


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The strategic use of thin wall vans is customer driven, because the extra few inches of useable width on frequent freight loads can ad up to thousands of dollars of savings for many AYR Motor customers. Particularly, in specific manufacturing industries where product dimensions on pallets can take full advantage of the extra inches of width on every load hauled.