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A Special Delivery for Perth-Andover
Former village residents, Woodstock trucking company work together to help flood victims
By Allison Adair

Perth-Andover residents who lost household items in the flood that devastated the village at the end of March have received assistance from two former residents and a Woodstock trucking company. Katrina and Hugh Fournier were born and raised in Perth-Andover, but they have been living in Kitchener, Ontario for the last 13 years. Their extended families still live in Perth-Andover, and when the couple learned of the impact flooding had on their former community, they knew they had to do something to help. The Fourniers collected living room furniture, small household appliances, bedding, clothing and other items from friends in Ayr, Kitchener and Cambridge, Ontario, and a high school friend of Katrina’s who lives in Hamilton brought up a utility trailer loaded with items. “Everything you can imagine is on a 42-foot trailer,” she said. “We went around and collected stuff for two and half to three weeks.” Once they had the items collected, the Fourniers needed a way to get everything to New Brunswick that’s where AYR Motor Express Inc. comes in. Fournier said she contacted AYR Motor because she needed a trucking company that operated a terminal in the vicinity of Kitchener. “I figured I’d zap an email off to Joe Keenan and see what happens,” she said. AYR Motor operates a terminal in Mississauga. Director of Operations Seth Keenan said the company donated the use of a truck and the driver’s time to ship the items to Perth-Andover. “For one thing, I’ve got family who live in Perth-Andover, so I sympathize with what they are going through,” he said. “We try to do as much as we can to support the community.” The donated items were delivered to the Perth-Andover Legion on Saturday, May 5, by AYR Motor driver Danny Pickard. From there they will be dispersed to people in need. “It’s for people who are able to go back into their homes but who maybe are not able to afford to go right out and buy new furniture,” Fournier said. “They are still in a big shemozzle. People have not heard from the government (about compensation) and they are getting frustrated.” Fournier is a former truck driver and her husband still drives. They team drove up until six years ago. “We are very thankful (to AYR Motor),” she said. “I know it is not a cheap venture for them, I know what it costs to run one of those trucks.”

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