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Working at AYR Motor

Company Drivers — Miles and Payments

The Best Opportunity for the least we can do!

What AYR Motor Express has to offer Company Drivers...

"Up to 46 cents per mile"

If you are looking to make good money and willing to work smart, then AYR Motor Express is the right place for you. Here you can be assured of staying busy with ample mileage and use of late Model equipment, along with regular home time.

Single (Non-contracted employees)

  • Up to 38 Cents/Mile In Canada
  • Up to 40/44 Cents/Mile in Canada/USA

Teams (Non-contracted employees)

  • Up to 25 Cents/Mile in Canada
  • Up to 27/28 Cents/Mile in Canada/USA

In addition, our excellent pay package is complimented by: 

  • Extra $$ for loading
  • Extra $$ for unloading
  • Extra $$ for additional pickups / switches away from a terminal
  • Extra $$ for authorized hourly work
  • Extra $$ for President's Honourarium
  • Paid weekly, by direct deposit
  • Life/Health benefits (company subsidized) enrollment after 90 days
  • Employee contribution $10.75 Weekly Single / $ 42.00 Month
  • Employee contribution $26.25 Weekly Family / $105.00 Month
  • Company Pension Plan enrollment after 60 days
  • Contribute 2% Gross Earnings Company matched and vested after 2 years

Toll Free at 1-800-668-0099
Toll Free Fax 1-877-325-2952

Owner Operators — Miles and Payments

The Best Opportunity for you!

What AYR Motor Express has to offer Owner Operators...

If you are looking to work hard and make good money, then AYR Motor Express is the right place for you. Here you can be assured of staying busy with ample mileage, along with regular home time.

  • Pays $1.09/mile loaded or empty in Canada + FSC.
  • Pays $1.14/mile loaded & $1.11 empty in the US.
  • Pays fuel subsidy that will fluctuate with market (calculated monthly) per mile loaded or empty.
  • We pay $12.00 for pickup or drop switches away from terminal.
  • City work as high as $40.00/hr authorized by dispatch + waiting time ay $30/hr.
  • Pays $21.00 for live loading and $21.00 live unloading.
  • Your settlement will be paid on the 15th and last day of each month.
  • Miles are cut off on the 15th and last of previous month.
  • We supply several cards for Canada (Irving, Husky, and Ultramar fuel cards) and EFS fuel card for the US (our cost for fuel is your cost, no add on costs for fuel).
  • We reimburse highway and bridge tolls. MAC Pass and EZ Pass available
  • We pay a layover fee of $125.00 after 24 hours.
  • We pay all plates, licensing – Canada & USA. IFTA/Road Taxes – Extra.
  • We pay Workers Compensation.
  • Scales, trips permits and any trailer expenses will be reimbursed unless damage is due to operator abuse.
  • All monies owed will be paid direct deposit to the financial institution of your choice.
  • $1,000.00 annual President's Honourarium if operator goes accident, claim and violation free for that period.
  • No Hold back or start up fees.
  • We are a CTPAT/FAST Approved Carrier!

As an Owner Operator you will be required to pay payroll deductions for:

  • Insurance is charged to Owner Operators, based on $7,200.00 per year. Deductions are at a rate of $300.00 per statement . Buy down deductible costs $150.00 per month, buys it down from $10,000.00 to $2,000.00.
  • Satellite - $69.00/month air time charge. (No installation fee.)
  • Group Health Insurance Plan, available (Excellent Benefits) –
    $105.00/Family or $42.00/Single.

Toll Free at 1-800-668-0099
Toll Free Fax 1-877-325-2952

Advantages of AYR

The Advantages to Driving at AYR Motor Express
Owner/Operators   Company Drivers
Attractive Pay Package   Up to .46 cents/mile
Weekly Advance   Late Model Equipment
Direct Deposit   Well Maintained Equipment
Life/Health Benefits   Paid Weekly
Program Fleet Fuel Purchasing   Direct Deposit
Home Time   Life/Health Benefits
Paid Tolls   President's Honourarium
Bridges and Plates provided   Home Time
Average 3500+ per week   Average 3500+ miles per week

Driver Training

At AYR Motor Express we take you from the "in-class" training program and put you into real on the road situations with some of AYR Motor's finest driver's. You must have completed a driving course with an accredited driving school and possess a class 1 (AZ) driver's license.  

We offer an in house 12 week, paid training program, which involves extensive over the road experience with a highly professional AYR Motor driver-trainer. Our trainers have extensive experience in long-haul miles and over the road driving experience. These individuals will guide you through the training process and help you become a qualified tractor-trailer operator. 

After the 12 week program is over, we offer you a full-time position with the AYR Motor Team as a long haul driver, and provide you with loads of opportunities!

Dispatch Operations

Customer Service is what AYR Motor strives to excel at everyday. The link between Driver's and Dispatch is what allows us to provide the service customers need. 

Our dispatch system is divided into two teams, each team responsible for over 125 trucks. Drivers are assigned their own dispatcher, allowing them to become comfortable with who they are talking to, and build a bond between driver and dispatcher. If you need to be home for a certain date, let your dispatcher know, and he will work as hard as he or she can to make sure the job is done. If you are running low on hours, drivers will relay that information to planning and make sure that the trip you are provided can be accomplished. 

All tractors come equipped with PeopleNet Satellite system to allow for an easier form of communication between driver and dispatch. Each morning driver's are required to check-in before 10am with the previous day's hours of service, via satellite. Throughout the day, your dispatcher will monitor your progress, ensuring that you are on schedule for pick up and delivery. If for some reason you are running behind, dispatch will contact the customer to let them know you are delayed, and relay that to you. As soon as you signal that you are unloaded, dispatch will send your re-load information, and provide directions to your next location.    

At AYR Motor we take pride in our employees, and value the importance driver's play in our success.


The performance of driver's does not go unnoticed. Drivers are rewarded for their safety on the road, years of service, and overall performance throughout the year. 

Each and every year, we honour those employees who have made a conscious effort to do their job; above and beyond the call of duty. 

Individual Awards for:
- years of service
- million mile club

Winners are awarded with a plaque, along with prizes. All of this, is what makes AYR Motor a great place to work.


Applicant Requirements

Before an application is entertained the prospective driver must present the following:

  1. A valid Class 1E or AZ driver's license (Front and Back)
  2. Clean driving abstract.
  3. A clean criminal record.
  4. Must have a minimium 2 years of long-haul trucking experience.
  5. Must be at least 21 years of age.
  6. A copy of one of the following:
    1. FAST Card (Front and Back)
      Valid Passport (Photo Page Only)
  7. Employment References (2 or more).

Job Application Form

Canada-US Headquarters: Home of Truckload Direct Services
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