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AYR Motor Express:
3400 Trips Around the World

AYR Motor Express was founded in AYR, Ontario in 1990 by Joe and Sandy Keenan. Previously, Joe had worked in the trucking industry for many years in Winnipeg, first as a driver and then in management. It was in Winnipeg where Joe met and married Sandy who also worked in trucking and where their two sons, Seth and Tom were born. In 1993, Joe and Sandy made the decision to move the company head office to Woodstock, N.B. where they raised Seth and Tom as that is where Joe was raised. So we find a company rooted in three centers of Canada that has grown and been increasingly profitable every year since 1991.

Fast forward 24 years for a snapshot of what the company looks like now. The Woodstock, NB terminal has 20,000 sq. ft. of offices and a 40,000 sq. ft. shop which services and details every tractor before it leaves the yard. In Brampton, AYR is currently renovating a new 40,000 sq. ft. terminal located on 6 acres which will include 32,000 sq. ft. of warehousing and loading bays. It is not a cross dock but AYR handles a lot of freight for a day or two before it is re-shipped. In Winnipeg, they have a fully secured yard with 7,500 sq. ft. of dock space plus offices and showers/drivers lounge. Currently AYR Motor Express employs 275 Drivers plus 55 Owner Operators. One of their Drivers is Joe Richard who has been with the company since 1991. He started with Joe Keenan in Winnipeg and he is typical of most of their drivers; he now lives in Woodstock and is a solid friend of the family. He is also a 3 million mile safe driver.

Joe Richard is only one of 50 Drivers/Owner Operators working at AYR Motor Express with outstanding safe miles. There are currently 25 one million milers; there are 15 two million milers and incredibly, ten, three million milers of safe driving. AYR Motor Express has a million mile club to recognize these 50 drivers along with decals for their tractors etc. It is estimated that one million miles of driving is the equivalent of four trips around the world.

If you do the math of 4 times 25 (25 x 1 million milers); 4 times 30 (15 x 2 million milers); 4 times 30 (10 x 3 million milers) you get 3400 trips around the world by these 50 AYR Drivers/Owner Operators!)

Seth Keenan, Director of Operations discussed the reason why so many of their Drivers remain with AYR. "It is not just the benefits like life insurance and dental, it is not just the pension plan where we match what the driver contributes, or the free access to the employee assistance plan. It's the simple fact that each and every Driver and Owner Operator is our friend. They can come and talk to us, spend time with us and everyone's long term goal is that they will have a lifetime driving position with us. We acknowledge that Drivers sometimes leave us but they often come back. Our goal is that they stay with us. My brother Tom works with our maintenance group because what is the point of having a good driver if you have a poorly maintained tractor; so through training and attention to detail, everyone has a great life working at AYR". Seth concludes the interview by stating that AYR Motor Express, after 24 years, operates like a large trucking business but still has small family values & practices. "And we are on the right path to continue to grow and prosper".

Canada-US Headquarters: Home of Truckload Direct Services
AYR Motor Express Inc. 46 Poplar Street, Woodstock, New Brunswick, Canada  E7M 4G2  |  1 800 668 0099

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