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AYR Motor Frequently Asked Questions:

Answers to Questions About AYR Motor and Freight Shipping by Truckload Direct

The Top Ten Reasons to Choose AYR Motor as your truck load freight services carrier is a quick recap of why we think shipping freight with AYR Motor is your best choice.

AYR Motor FAQs is filled with valuable information about AYR Motor Express as well as general information on the Canadian and US trucking industry.

To find answers more quickly, there are four categories to help you narrow down your questions and answers. If you want information on becoming a driver with AYR Motor, click on the AYR Motor Drivers link for questions specific to a driving career with AYR Motors.

Company FAQs Provides company information and links to more information on AYR Motor Express.

Customer Service FAQs Provides a description of the many support and time saving applications available on the AYR Motor web site to help customers find what they are looking for with links to more information pages within the site.

AYR Motor FAQs includes some web links to organizations and resource sites to learn more about the time sensitive, distance challenging efforts of modern truckers.

It is the modern trucker and their individual trucking efforts combined with the support teams at trucking companies, repair facilities, and highway trucking stops who keep North America in a comfort level they have become accustomed to every day.

Today's consumer or business owner is also accustomed to finding readily available from a source near them everything they need, when they need it; from fresh lettuce to spare parts. The trucking industry runs 24/7/365 somewhere every day and every minute to keep up.

It is the men and women, members of those teams, that support truckers from companies like AYR Motor Express in order to keep all of us comfortable equipped, well fed with produce and product as well re-supplying our necessary items and equipment replacements in stock so that manufacturers can make and ship.

Here's more Frequently Asked Questions about AYR Motor and the trucking industry that they are a proud to be a leading member of as suppliers of truckload direct motor carrier service.

Company FAQs

AYR Motor Express is a FAST approved carrier. What is the Free and Secure Trade (FAST) program?

The FAST program is a joint Canada-U.S. initiative involving the Canada Border Services Agency, the U.S. Bureau of Customs and Border Protection, and Citizenship and Immigration Canada. The FAST program offers pre-authorized importers, carriers, and drivers expedited clearance processes for eligible goods. In short, as a member of the program AYR Motor Express can get your shipment across the border fast.

More information about the FAST program can be found at:

All AYR Motor Express trailers are air ride equipped. What does that mean to me the customer?

Air ride equipped trailers provide...

60% of AYR Motor Express' fleet of trailers are thin wall trailers. What does that mean to me the customer?

AYR Motor uses tin wall trailers because they are cost effective, reduce damage to product and provide additional space inside the walls of the trailers. (Lighter load means more of your product shipped.)


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Customer Service FAQs

Why do the AYR Motor site's navigational buttons have certain letters underlined?

The AYR Motor web site has been designed to allow the use of "hot keys". When you press the Alt key [Control key on the Mac platform] plus the underlined letter from the desired navigational button, that button will respond as if you clicked it with your mouse, taking you to that link. For example, hitting the key combination Alt + F [ On a Mac: control + F ] any where in the AYR Motor web site will bring you to this FAQs page. Likewise the key combination Alt + Q [ On a Mac: control + Q ] will bring you to the Fast Quote form.

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