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Freight Fast Quote — Core of AYR's Customer Freight Shipping Centre

The Top Ten Reasons to Choose AYR Motor as your truck load freight services carrier is a quick recap of why we think shipping freight with AYR Motor is your best choice.

Shipping Freight is a battle against the time clock.

That's why we built our company's daily trucking existence around running hard to deliver your freight load on schedule.

Here's a short cut to save time:

Freight Fast Quote - online form for a direct email response for a freight shipping quote.

Truckload Credit Application - online form to speed credit approval for service and get one of our tractor and trailer units on it way to pick-up

Customer Freight Shipping Centre is for AYR customer is designed to save time and put everything in one convenience to use place.

Fast Quote is more than just getting a price on shipping freight to you. It's actually where we start with a customer in getting a quote for truckload service delivery back to you as fast as humanly possible. In a battle against the time clock, every step we can save in serving you as our customer is more than doubled in impact on our on the road delivery times.

Ever realize the impact that time, motion, task and sequence of teamwork can have on getting a race car better track position on the track saving the driver from having to pass more cars on the track to win. Every Nascar race on television often shows the track positioning gained when the pit crew service the vehicle efficiently in a race against time. Every service component optimized for efficiency.

Trucking is a lot like racing against the clock to streamline every procedure that can save the driver time and wear on the road. For AYR, that process of racing the clock starts when you call or create a Fast Quote form because time is money for both of us. We are continually looking for ways to save you time and money by increasing our efficiency.

Fast Quote and the other components of our Customer Service Centre are designed and provided to save you time. We start our business day, every day, watching the clock knowing where we have to be to satisfy our customers.

Please Use the Fast Quote form now to get our best price today on getting your load delivered on a tomorrow schedule.

Should you desire to have a conversation with one of our sales desk professionals on delivery times and shipping requirements, then use the click to talk button here to be linked direct with our customer support desk.

Shipping Freight by truckload is all we do as a company. We have no other focus other than finding the most time efficient and cost effective method to deliver our customer's loads on time.

We may not be race car fast, like Nascar and Formula engine racers, but at AYR Motor, we are race car championship focused as a trucking company in how we do the business of trucking on time.

Use this convenient direct connection to our sales desk and speak to an AYR sales representative. Its simple, put your number in the screen and your phone will begin to ring and in seconds you will be talking to our sales office. Just one more way we race to the finish to be the best trucking company for your freight shipping needs.

Customs documents

Documents and forms are available for our customers to view or download. All the documents are in in PDF format.

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Customs Invoice (76KB)


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