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AYR Motor Express Purchases a Driving Simulator

AYR Motor has installed a TransSim IV Driving Simulator at Head office in Woodstock, NB. The Model IV driving simulator provides the look and feel real road events such as curbs and railroad track crossings. More than 120 standard driving scenarios provide realistic training in a variety of skill areas. The simulator has three 42 inch monitors which provide a brilliant, sharp image. Assessment software gives feedback on driver performance on tasks such as speed control and fuel management.

We want to provide our drivers and operators with a serious tool which will help perfect their driving skills through remedial training and practice in a safe environment, says Joe Keenan. Reducing accident costs and having a better trained driver is in our best interests.

Once in the simulator you get the feel of real truck behaviour. Driver training at this level has proven to be effective and safer than on-the-road training. While driving in the simulator, computer software reports violations, warnings and other events as they occur in real time. You can repeat scenarios which give you difficulty until you have mastered them and increased you skill level.

As part of our safe driving program we intend to incorporate the simulator in to accident reconstruction, remedial training and road testing. We look forward to sharing this vital safety tool with all of our drivers and operators.

Drive with care.

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