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Truckload Freight Tracking:

Knowing Where Our Customer's Loads Are, Helps Customers To Know Delivery Times

"We implemented the freight tracking software so we could track our trucks and trailers because our customers are shipping their assets with us and we want them to be able to trust that we know where they are at all times", says Joe Keenan. "Tracking of truckload shipments while they are in our care is just how we put real meaning in our slogan "The Best Is The Least We Can Do."

Load Report

Truckload freight tracking makes extensive use of satellite technology for tracking trucks as well as tracking trailers and tractors in the AYR Motor fleet. AYR Motor Express uses some of the trucking industry's most enhanced technology for shipment and load tracking. If you wish to trace a truckload shipment or enable online tracking to gain more information about your service delivery, please call 1 800 668 0099.

When you see our trailer with the company's slogan "The Best Is The Least We Can Do" in your yard, you know that we are on focus and running hard to be your best choice for truckload shipment service.

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The Best is the Least We Can Do

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