Crown's Top Large Asset Carrier 2019

Crown's Top Large Asset Carrier 2019

December 2019 AYR Motor Express was awarded as Crown's Top Large Asset Carrier for the year. Such recognition from Crown is truly an honour and speaks volumes when you consider how many companies are hauling for them in North America. 

It speaks to how our Operations team and Drivers work together to ensure the best service possible for the customer.

AYR Motor Express has been hauling truckload frieght for Crown since 1995 and over the years we continue to change how we operate to meet their changing needs. Currently hauling throughout North America we work closely with their individual locations to ensure appointments are on time.  In 2019 we worked through the changes to reporting via Blue Jay and customized jobs to meet those requirements. 

It takes everyone from the office, operations, shop, and drivers to work as a team, to dig in and work hard to be successful and recognized by the customers. 

Congratulations to everyone at AYR for your acheivement!